non-stick square cake pan

18.75 x 2.0 inch/22.20 x 5.0 cm interior measurement
Holds approximately 3.0 Qt/2.8 L volume

Dessert squares are a staple baked treat in my house. I love the straight sides and clean edges of this pan, so that even my corner pieces look pretty, and I don’t need to trim away the edges

Squares, brownies and coffee cakes will look stunning baked in this pan. Gently curved edges means you won’t have to trim away the end pieces.

  • This baking pan is a kitchen staple; ideal for cakes, squares and bars
  • The straight sides make portioning bars and squares even and easy, with less trim or waste
  • 0.03 inch/0.8 mm thick carbon steel
  • Heavy gauge steel distributes heat evenly and consistently
  • Rolled edge design for durability and resistance to warping
  • Double glazed non-stick layer is FDA approved and PTFE and PFOA free
  • The non-stick surface is safe for temperatures up to 445°F/230°C
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Avoid using knives or other sharp tools in direct contact to prevent damaging the non-stick surface

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anna's top tips

  • Although non-stick, I always line my baking pans with parchment paper, to make clean-up a snap.
  • It’s best to remove your cakes, loaves or squares from the pan and cut them on a cutting board. If you’d like to portion your baked goods in the pan, use a plastic knife so as not to scratch the non-stick finish
  • The reason hand washing is recommended is because the harsh chemicals in dishwasher cleaner can erode the non- stick glaze over time. But with the ease of cleaning because of this finish, you’ll find that hand washing is easy.
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