cake turntable

11.70x 3.6 inch/29.70x 9.2 cm

Available at The Bay, The Gourmet Warehouse & Wayfair Canada.

What I adore most about this cake turntable (sometimes called a cake wheel) is that is spins so smoothly, so decorating your cake is a pure pleasure, and also the tempered glass top means use can also use this as a cake stand, to show off your creations.

Decorate cakes and other desserts with ease and precision with this smoothly rotating turntable.

  • The 0.8 cm tempered glass top rotates smoothly, easily and evenly and is attractive enough to go from kitchen to table
  • Food grade
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Made in China

anna's top tips

  • To cover the sides of your cake with an even layer of frosting, place your frosting in a large piping bag and pipe it onto the sides as you spin the cake turntable around, then use an offset palette knife to spread it on.
  • To create perfectly straight sides to your frosted cake, use a bench scraper – rest the short side on the base of the cake turntable and spin, allowing the right-angled edge to clean up any imperfections.
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