Includes a bonus silicone spatula

I like this collection because provides the fundamental pans for classics like muffins, loaves, squares, cakes and cookies. I like the weight and strength of the pans, and that they are easy to clean, so I can spend my time in the kitchen doing what I love: cooking & baking!

The straight sides, 90 degrees from the bottom, means your layer cakes will be precise and the rolled edge makes it easy to place and remove from the oven.

  • Non-Stick 12-cup Muffin Pan Approximately 2.5 fluid oz/74 ml capacity per muffin cup
  • Non-Stick Square Cake Pan 8.75 x 2.0 inch/22.20 x 5.0 cm interior measurement Holds approximately 3.0 Qt/2.8 L volume
  • Non-Stick Round Cake Pan 8.90 x 2.0 inch/22.50 x 5.0 cm interior measurement Holds approximately 2.0 Qt/1.9 L volume
  • Non-Stick Loaf Pan 7.80 x 3.75 x 2.70 inch/19.50 x 9.50 x 6.8 cm interior measurement Holds approximately 1.6 Qt/1.5 L volume
  • BONUS Dual Angle Silicone Spatula 12.75 inch/32.40 cm total length

Anna Olson Kitchen Baker’s Box

Check out the NEW Anna Olson Kitchen Baker’s Box - a 5-piece collection of quality baking pans, with a bonus silicone spatula, available exclusively at Hudson's Bay Company.

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Butter Tarts



anna's top tips

  • Although non-stick, I always line my baking pans with parchment paper, to make clean-up a snap.
  • It’s best to remove your cakes, loaves or squares from the pan and cut them on a cutting board. If you’d like to portion your baked goods in the pan, use a plastic knife so as not to scratch the non-stick finish
  • The reason hand washing is recommended is because the harsh chemicals in dishwasher cleaner can erode the non- stick glaze over time. But with the ease of cleaning because of this finish, you’ll find that hand washing is easy.
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