Naughty & Nice

I think it’s the spirit of Christmas that has us believing that suddenly cookies have no calories, and that anything served with a dip is its own food group. But can this festive season be naughty AND nice at the same time? I don’t mind…

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Fall Baking Trend Report

With cooler weather driving us indoors, baking takes on a new appeal. While we often use the new year as the time to discuss new trends, in the baking world, fall seems to be when we look at styles and whims related to baking. Some of these…

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Autumn Nesting

Can you feel it? Not that the morning and evening dusk light has changed (it has) or that even a hot & sunny September day lacks an edge to it (it does) or that traffic patterns on your street now have picked up pace (they have) but it’s that…

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"Putting Up" Summer's Finest

While I can desperately wish to bottle up summer to save for those cold January days, it’s just not going to happen. I can, however, preserve summer’s finest flavours in jams, jellies, condiments and pickles. Home preserving is more popular…

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Cooking "En Vacances"

There’s something to be said for staying in a clean, comfortable air-conditioned hotel when on holiday, but Michael and I have changed our perspective somewhat and now whenever we plan a holiday abroad we look to renting an apartment, cottage,…

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Summer's First Flush

There is an anticipation to the first bite of a June strawberry in Ontario, a feeling very much like the day before your summer vacation starts. And if your cravings for fresh strawberries had you buying the imports than you know they are…

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